End of a Blog

Up through most of August I believed that this coming week I would be returning to blogging. But as I’ve struggled to come up with new content that isn’t simply a rehashing of old topics I’ve written about or paraphrasing something somebody else has written, I’ve realized two things. First, I’ve lost my passion for blogging and writing. The Internet is fast and demanding and requires an ever evolving and fresh persona to draw in new followers and retain your loyalists. I just don’t have that passion anymore. Second, the Internet doesn’t need me. I offer nothing you can’t get elsewhere. Oh what about my unique perspectives? Well I don’t know about that anymore. Better to let someone more qualified write about such things. I kind of just want to slide into relative peace and oblivion, I don’t need to be a D-list blogger with a micro-following of people who think I’m rad for believing whatever it is they think I believe. That is so contrary to my desires as an introvert. 

So, there you have it. You’re witnessing the very last post of Deus Nobiscum, a blog almost 9 full years in the making. I’ve enjoyed it, and I’m thankful for all my followers and those who have commented both to be supportive and to criticize. But it’s time to move on to other things. Thanks again!